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Individual One on One Private Coaching Targeting Specific Auditions to fully absorb what is needed to excel and stand out and secure the role. Availability of time is worked out quickly according to when the audition will be and enough time to read scripts and breakdown the character before the Private session is conducted. If it is just sides then it is a quicker turn around of time and more flexible.

Weekly Private Sessions are also available if you are striving for positive results in general, bringing out your Uniqueness, Essence and Special Qualities that only you possess. Preparing for Agent and Manager Consideration, scene work, audition technique and General Interview skills to stand out and be remembered. All your questions answered. These sessions are a longer span.

Private Consultation on where you are in the process and how to further all aspects, tools of the trade (pictures, resumes, reels etc.) with valuable inside information to reach your individual goals. What works and what you need to keep in mind at all times to be competitive.

For Private Coaching contact:

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